Naked Dressage Results 16/11/2016 Intro - Junior 1st Kashia McMillan Sapphire - 67.61% Intro Senior 1st Serena Wallace Skipping Crystal 70.65% 2nd Lynsey McMullan Lady 69.34% 3rd Valerie Corr Charlie 69.13% 4th Cara Swanston Gus 68.91% 5th Megan Hamill Goulton Sunny Street 67.61% 6th - Samantha Carolan Dolly 63.48% Prelim Junior 1st Phoebe Beaumont Edie 73.33% 2nd - Stella Black Blue 67.08% 3rd - Patrick McCready Moonlight Magic 61.25% 4th Cerys Howell Penny 54.37% Prelim Senior 1st - Ciara Gilroy Little Roc Lux 70.21% 2nd - Judith Bankhead Polly 69.79% 3rd Ciara Gilroy Killaan Blu 67.5% 4th Rachael Hamill Raegans Opiate 66.66% 5th - Heather McMillen Lady 66.04% 6th - Katrina Griffin Jack 65.21% Novice - Junior 1st Katie McKee Jack 71.60% 2nd - Katie McKee Dougal 67.67% 3rd Cerys Howell Alfie 61.78% Novice- Senior 1st Diane McCully Irish Echo 73.75% 2nd Ciara Gilroy Killaan Blu 72.67% 3rd Sharon McGimpsey Chilli 69.82% 4th Laura Buckley Mr T 66.60%

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Times for Wednesday night as follows, I have done my best to accommodate everyone's time requests but with a large entry its not always possible. Can I ask everyone that they are ready to enter the arena at their allocated time to allow things to run as close to time as possible.

Intro A - Old Indoor
7.30 Lynsey McMulan
7.36 Kashia McMillan
7.42 Cara Swanston
7.48 Valerie Corr
7.54 Serena Wallace
8.00 Samantha Carolan
8.06 Christina Potter
8.12 Megan Hamill

Novice 27 - Old Indoor
8.20 Cerys Howell
8.26 Katie mckee
8.32 Suzi Hill
8.38 Ciara Gilroy
8.44 Sharon mcGimpsey
8.50 Laura Buckley
8.56 Diane McCully
9.02 Katie McKee#

Prelim 18 - Antwerp Arena
6.30 Steven Pettigrew
6.36 Judith Reid
6.42 Katrina Griffin
6.48 Ruth Hendry
6.54 Patrick McCready
7.00 Judith Bankhead
7.06 Sharon Regan
7.12 Ciara Gilroy - Oscar
7.18 Stella Black
7.24 Simone Edwards
7.30 Gareth McClean
7.45 Cerys Howell
7.51 Johanna Logan
7.57 Rachael Hamill
8.03 Heather McMillen
8.09 Ciara Gilroy
8.15 Cara Swanston
8.21 Nanette Glover
8.27 Ruth Lyness
8.33 Christina Potter
8.39 Lyndsey Kirk

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Gransha Riding Club took the opportunity to recognise the outstanding
contribution made to the club over the years by Anne Rodgers and James
McCully. James stepped down as chairperson a couple of years back
whilst Anne stepped down as secretary after this year’s AGM.

Anne and James have been the driving force behind the club since they
were part of the original founding members back in 1998. Over the
years they have undertaken many roles within the club especially as
secretary and chairperson, and have been a cornerstone of the club
throughout. Anne has showed her dedication to members as she has
coached them through BHS Riding Club exams, Horse Owners certificate,
Horse Welfare, and so much more. James was always also very willing to
pass on his wealth of knowledge to members especially through his show
jumping clinics which members always enjoyed and have benefitted from.

It is always difficult when such stalwarts step down within the club
and it is also difficult to determine how best the club can pay
tribute and recognise the contribution made by Anne and James. Their
true value in terms of the support, guidance and the overall presence
they provided cannot be fully measured. Nevertheless, it was fitting
that such a large attendance was there as the club marked their
outstanding contribution and long association with the club.

On behalf of the committee and all members past and present, club
secretary Sharon McGimpsey expressed the club’s thanks to Anne and
James, wishing them all the best for the future before well-known
local equestrian figure Albert Lowry presented Anne and James with a
bespoke piece of equestrian art sculpted by Sharon Regan Art. This was
a truly stunning piece of art capturing one of their very own horses,
Echo, who is ridden and competed by their daughter Diane McCully. The
club also bestowed honorary life membership on both Anne and James so
although they may both have stepped down, it is hoped they will
continue to attend club activities as much as possible and can
continue to pass on their expertise and knowledge.

The club would like to thank all those who were in attendance for the
presentation and in particular would like to thank Albert Lowry for
taking the time to attend and make the presentation. The club are also
thankful to Sharon Regan for taking the time and using her talent and
skills to create such a unique gift

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