All members must wear a riding hat complying with the new BHS Hat Standards.  Members will not be allowed to compete if their hat is not to the correct standard.  We will also be arranging a Hat Tagging day - date to be confirmed.

• Riding hats must be to the minimum standard, with a harness properly adjusted and fastened and worn all times when mounted. Hats marked EN1384, PAS015:1998, ASTM F1163, BSEN14572:2005 or SEI. American standards SNELL E2001,ASTM 95, SNZ 3838 1998 will be accepted. 

N.B. From 1st January 2016: “Due to a change by the European Commission regarding EN1384 and BSEN1384 no longer being an accepted standard, all hats which only meet the standard EN1384 and BSEN1384, and do not comply with another standard will not be accepted in competition. 

• Fixed peak hats are not permitted for Cross-Country Training.
• Correct riding footwear; i.e. sturdy with a small heel.
• Hair must not hang longer than the shoulder line. If not secured in a hair net, hair must be tied up accordingly.
• No jewellery or any items worn in facial or body piercing
• Body Protector approved to Class 3 for Cross-Country Training
• Long Sleeved Shirts / Tops for Cross-Country Training 

The following items are strongly recommended for all training and without these items Riders ride at their own risk. 

• Long Sleeved Shirts / Tops • Gloves.
• Jodhpurs (any colour)
• Medical armbands. 

The following items are permitted, but Riders ride at their own risk. 

• Chaps, half chaps and Gaiters
• Spurs. (Permission must be obtained from the Instructor) • Polo shirts, T-shirts for all disciplines except Cross-Country 

Garments without sleeves or not covering body from base of neck to hip are not permitted. 

Please note that our Dress Code has been complied with the intention of avoiding or minimising injury in the event of an accident. However, Gransha Riding Club will not accept responsibility for injury caused as a result of these recommendations / permitted items. 


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